Saturday, 4 August 2012

Around the Corner - Libertys Nike display

The Liberty's window is aglow with neon!

Personally there is a little place in my heart for day glow colours, as I grew up with some very fetching toweling socks that were visible from the other side of the playground & mixed with reckless abandonment betwixt orange, yellow and green regardless of left or right order... Anyway...

This is the creation of Soho consultancy Hotel Creative who are responsible for the instillation inside Liberty too. If your in London you should check it out, it's most impressive, if not have a goosey at there website for some nice high res pictures of it and the Nike Flyknit range.

As much as I can appreciate the whole display it's really the Pattern that interests me the most (Sorry Hotel Creative) Namely the Liberty Print Lotus Jazz fabric. Apparently a reworking of an original print from 1965. I've been searching to try and find out who the original designer was and what it looked like back in '65 but It's not proving a simple task. I'll keep on looking, in the meantime if you have time have a peek on the Liberty site and also Hotel Creative, their Tumblr is worth a rummage through too, although don't blame me for what you find on there...

If anyone has any info on the 1965 Print, Lotus Jazz please let us know, we'd love to see some images of it from back through the mists of time :-)

Have a very bright neon day - LTS

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