Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Around the Corner - More Oliver Bonas

Hello. Hope you're well?

Yes we're back at Oliver Bonas. Well the window display was just so good! I've another post for this window front to come so look out for that one coming up. We're all about the black and white prints this time though.

 Top of the photos we're looking at a fabric called 'Abstract Trees' exclusive to Oliver Bonas that's applied to bags, credit card holders, iphone covers even dresses. I like it, it's bold and strong. I would love to be able to tell you who created the artwork for it but there's no details on the website, which is a shame, credit where credit is due. If you happen to know drop us a comment. :-)

Next, which I love! is Bird on a Wire by Poem. Great pattern, nothing, I assume, to do with the Bird On THE Wire song by Leonard Cohen... we hope. I can't find much out about the people Poem, which again is a shame. I want to know who designed these patterns.

The lower print, a bit like a dandelion, we reckon, again nothing about this dress or the designer but a great Motif.

Bye - LTS :-)

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