Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Tile designs

I love tile designs! Here's a few pics of my fav tile designs we found along our travels in Lanzarote.
Mural design at Cesar Manrique Foundation Lazarote: well worth a visit! 

Most beautiful walls in Lanzarote! 

The colours are so striking and complements the green of the cacti perfectly! 

Cesar Manrique had a huge influence on the architecture of Lanzarote and even worked with the governement to ensure the islands tradition of white washed single story buildings is maintained. 

Island architecture - all the houses doors are colour coded, blue if you earn your keep from the Sea, Green if you earn from the Land - cool, huh? Although, what colour is for artists....?

Nice gates! Love the C M initials. 
Have an awesome day 



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